About Us

We are a small family based business based in North West London (UK).  Cogbox has been specialising in classic Volkswagen and Porsche gearboxes for over 25 years.

Sometime in the 80s Luke Theocharri of Terry's Beetle Services and I started campaigning our Beetle, Moody at the drag strip. At the time Moody was one of the quickest four cylinder drag cars about and ultimately the reason I started Cogbox. Back then there was no one in the UK rebuilding performance VW gearboxes let alone anyone that was able to turn around a gearbox as quick as we were breaking them. There weren't a huge number of aftermarket parts easily available so the boxes tended to be quite fragile and the only way of keeping Moody running was with one of us rebuilding the boxes so I started doing them myself. Before long more and more people were calling me to see if I'd take a look at their gearboxes and one way or another we've been working on them ever since.

Although Cogbox started out as a result of drag racing this is only a very small part of the business and the vast majority of our work is repairs and rebuilds of stock gearboxes. The range of vehicles we specialise in includes all Volkswagen Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, and Type 25s as well as all Porsche 356, 914 and 911 models up until and including the 993 range. For more information check out the 'Gearboxes' section. In addition to gearboxes having a machine shop to hand has meant that over the years we have been able to offer a range of other services which include everything from King Pin refurbishment to specialist engine machining and custom fabrication. Our 'Shop Services' page provides information on some of the services we are able to offer customers.

Apart from our day to day stuff we always have a side project or two going and from time to time we'll add some information about some of these to the site, when we're working these are tucked away on a shelf and that's where you'll find them.

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Contact Us
We don't use e-mail a huge amount as it is important to understand the details when specifying work therefore it is best to call us on 0208 842 2580 to discuss your requirements. We are open weekdays between 9:00am & 5:00pm and will always try to take calls however at times this can be difficult in which case please leave a message and we will get back to you.
Every job is different therefore it is always best to call us to discuss your requirements and we can work it out from there. Our pricing is ofcourse dependent on the costs of components and we will only use those which are up to standard and stay away from the cheaper alternatives widely available. For example to this day we have only ever used German bearings in our transmissions.
We can ship to anywhere in the UK, Europe or indeed anywhere in the World although some destinations can be expensive. If you let us know where you are we can get you a quote. Of course collection is always an option too. In addition to delivery we can also arrange for our courier to pick up your existing gearbox from your address, please call for details.